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Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 3: Everything We Know So Far

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 3 Confirmed Release date

The Guardian of the Galaxy vol 3 has been confirmed by marvel studios to be released on 5 May 2023.


The Director of the movie revealed that it would be the last part of the guardians of the galaxy and it is predicted that some of the characters will die in the end of the movie.

GOG Plot Till Now

IN guardians of the galaxy vol 1 the movie talks about the origin and formation of the team. The main focus of the story is on 5 characters of the gtg team consisting of Star-lord (peter quill), Gamora, track, Groot, and Rocket, and the main villain was Ronan with whom they were fighting against for the power stone (one of the infinity stones) and also the introduction of Gamora’s sister nebula and stepdad of star lord yondu .Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 introduces the real dad of star lord named ego who is not an actual person but a celestial who is accompanied by another character named mantis (servant of ego). The guardians of the Galaxy go to a plant which is led by a character named Ayesha to fight an inter-dimensional monster named Abilisk to save a race named sovereign. While returning from the plant they meet ego on the way and the truth comes out about the step dad of peter. Then later in the story audience comes to know about the real intentions of ego which was to destroy the whole universe and make it as one whole and for which he needs the power which resides inside peter. But due to some foreseen incidents his plans are revealed and the team including mantis and Yondu fight for justice resulting in the death of Yondu.rn

What To Expect In Vol 3

rn Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 – The post-credi seen shows a scene consisting of a new character named Adam warlock which is a person made by the leader of the sovereign race (Ayesha) to destroy the guardians. Audience predict that something goes wrong as it is not confirmed that whether Adam is a hero or villain in the movie but people predict that the ending would be pretty sad if one of the team mates dies. Guardians of the Galaxy was a hit and with many expectations leaving the audience heart-broken. Movie predicts the death of rocket and revels the whereabout of Gamora after the endgame.rn


    • Adam warlock,
    • Peter Quill (Star lord),
    • Gamora,
    • Nebula,
    • Kraglin,
    • Drax,
    • Groot,
    • Mantis,
    • Rocket.

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