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Avatar: The Way of Water OTT Release Date, Plot and more

The much-awaited sequel to the record-breaking movie which won the hearts of many has finally been announced. Avatar, a fantastical movie pillared on the themes of spirituality, science, love not only between living beings but also the pious love for sacred land, the conflict between humans and nature, militarism, imperialism, and human folly which leads to the doom of human civilization was no doubt a blockbuster, moving the audience with its extraordinary animation, motion capture, and imagination. The teaser trailer to Avtar’s sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water first whirled on the internet on May 9, 2022, not revealing much of the scenes but a few intense excerpts filling in the audience with curiosity and exhilaration. James Cameron is all set to sway the audience with the movie being released on December 16, 2022.

First Impressions

Preceding the Movie ‘Avatar’, Avatar: The Way of Water has left us pondering over the trailer until the full movie runs through the theatres. From what it seems like, the whole movie will be centered around the Na’vi tribe trying to find a new home in Metkayina Clan in the oceans when the lurking danger of humans invading Pandora from the past reappears on the surface. The gravitational anomalies which earlier existed in Flux Vortex now extend to the deep oceans in this movie.

Avatar 2 Characters

There is an additional character named Javier Socorro who is a human seen along with Na’vi family. He was born on Pandora and is going to be rescued and adopted by Jake and Neytiri. We even catch sight of Neytiri being pregnant in the first look which gives way to the leading scenes. Jake and Neytiri will have three biological Na’vi children, two sons and one daughter namely Neteyam played by Jamie Flatters, Lo’ak played by Britain Dalton, and Tuktirey played by Trinity Bliss respectively. Sigourney Weaver will be playing the role of Kiri, Jake, and Neytiri’s adoptive eldest teenage daughter.

Avatar: The Way of Water Plot

Two main leading characters from the Avatar movie, Dr. Grace and Miles Quaritch who seemingly died will make a reappearance in this movie. Sigourney Weaver will be returning, however playing a new character rather than Dr. Grace. She might be the voice of Eywa as Grace’s character went into the tree when trying to transfer between her body and her Avatar. Stephen Lang will also be making a return despite his character being killed by Neytiri at the end of the Avatar movie. Since this is a science fiction story, the production team might end up resurrecting the character through cloning. Cameron also stated that Miles’ character will be a round character evolving in an unexpected manner across the upcoming films.rnrnThough he will predominantly be an antagonist, he might undergo optimistic changes making him start to see things from Na’vi’s Point of view. Their kinship with nature might open his eyes to another side of life. The humans still seem to follow the avatar strategy to blend in with the locals of Pandora. Hell gate was abandoned in the first film, but they might be back at the outpost.

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